Monday, November 17, 2014

At the feet of the Master

When we moved to Arden, we decided that 300 acres would be enough for a second dog. When I reserved our border collie puppy with a local breeder, I imagined this cuddly ball of furry submission. Border collies love to please, right? They live to make you happy?

Not this one. Not Page.

Our Pagie is the feistiest dog I’ve every owned, and that includes a Jack Russell and an Aussie. She is busy, busy, busy. She’s all about creating entertainment for herself. She’s way too preoccupied looking for the fun to stop for a cuddle. If you try to have a snuggle with her, she wiggles and struggles and finally pushes away, then races off for the next good time.

Early in the morning, it’s usually just Page and me awake. I sit by the fire, drinking my coffee, reading my Bible and listening to music. Page has a different agenda. She chews mittens, steals firewood, tries to eat my pen and barks at her own reflection in the window. Sometimes I laugh out loud at her mischief, and occasionally rescue items from certain destruction.

However one morning recently, she took her chewy toy and curled up next to me. She wasn’t touching me, we weren’t snuggling, but she was within a few inches of me. I was so pleased that with all the potential fun and games all over the house, she chose to lie next to me. I stroked her cheek gently and enjoyed her warm, puppy presence.

That’s like God and us. We’re awfully busy running around, amusing ourselves with this thing and that thing, chasing our tails and looking for a good time. And I think He enjoys our shenanigans. After all, we were made for relationships and activities. But when we do slow down and curl up quietly next to him, it brings Him such great joy.

Like Page coming close and resting next to me melted my heart, so we move the heart of the Father when we draw near to Him. He so enjoys even a few moments of our attention, of our devotion.  In those moments, he wants to shower His affection on us and remind us how much He adores us. 

“You’ve captured my heart with one glance of your eye.” Song of Songs 4:9

I could judge Page for being busy. I could decide she’s a bad dog. But she’s not. It’s just who she is. It’s how she interacts with the world. And so I take pleasure in her antics. And little by little, she’s learning to enjoy quiet times of communion with me. As am I with my Master.

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10